‘A Common Measure’

ARCH 301 ... Partner: Cody Goedken
fall 2019 ... Professor Firat Erdim
We began the semester with investigating, studying, acting upon features of the surface through making, drawing, and photographing...

...we explored the layers of a surface through model making while reflecting on connection, penetrability, and flexibility...

‘While concentrating on the relationship that landscape has to architecture we imagined that the building is a certain connection or tie between earth and sky. My partner and I concluded the idea of ‘a common measure’. Being tasked with creating renovations to an existing Community Center, we approached the idea through the use of color. With implementing light cannons, colors of the natural environment are reflected inside of the building as well as creating opportunity to connect with the sky. The design is intended to become playful and experimental, overall heightening the experience of the community.’

“Our modern culture, particularly our relationship to the environment , is constructed upon dichotomies and oppositions that cannot seem to find a common measure.” James Corner