‘Awakened Artery’

ARCH 402 ... Partner: Cody Goedken
spring 2021 ... Professor: Andrew Ballard

This is Awakened Artery, an urban design for a piece of historic Sherman Hill neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa that uses the idea of community to form an environment that enhances the experiences and relationships of the neighborhood.

As a studio, we were each to design a specific piece of Sherman Hill, to create a new proposal for the neighborhood with each group having a unique focus.

Being in the heart of the historic district, we are striving to highlight the character of the neighborhood by not mirroring what is already there but by adding our own modern take.  Recognizing what the neighborhood has to offer and implementing more opportunities for community, local businesses, and accessible health and wellness.

The Awakened Artery consists of organs, veins, muscles, and a central artery aimed to provide the intimate experiences that the community desires and needs. The central artery is the diagonal pedestrian path that cuts through our site and provides walkability and connectivity throughout. The artery is the source from which the organs and veins branch from. One of the organs is the community hub and another is the local shop market. The veins consist of a variety of paved pods, recreation space, a community garden, and open green space.  The muscles are what develop over time as the neighborhood undergoes more stress and needs to adapt to new challenges of density, while maintaining the character of this neighborhood.