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mobile > 712-454-0239
email > muhl@iastate.edu
issuu portfolio/resume >https://issuu.com/maddieu12/docs/portfolio5thyrissuu_a8dfec0dddddde
instagram > @bymaddieuhl

Hi, I’m Maddie Uhl. I really enjoy being creative, exploring, taking pictures of the sunset, thrifting, learning new things, journaling, and drinking coffee. I am a student at Iowa State University, majoring in architecture. At the beginning of college, I chose to study architecture because of my love for art/design. Now, I choose to study architecture because of so much more. Some of which include: investigating new and innovative solutions, creating change through thoughtful/purposeful environments, and simply bringing joy to people through space and color. Throughout my college education I have learned that architecture has meaning, beauty, and a purpose. I have recognized that it’s not something that can be easily defined. The field of architecture is vast and contains many tunnels, for this constantly intrigues me. 

As for this website, I really just wanted something that was able to hold everything. I wanted a portfolio not only of my architecture but of my entire creative collection. This website was made to have no limits or constraints, but to represent everything that I do and love.

thank you for visiting !!! ︎