‘the cycle of unWASTEd moments’

ARCH 403 ... fall 2021 
Professors: Cruz Garcia + Nathalie Frankowski

‘The cycle of unWASTEd moments’  is an anti-capitalist imaginary about creativity at the end of work with a specific focus on the (fast) fashion industry. This is an inherently creative field that capitalism has twisted into something that is now damaging the lives of laborers and accelerating the climate crisis.

In this studio, I have created a conceptual imagination of the fashion industry in a post-work society. Expressing an increase of creativity in your mind due to not marketing a creation to a general public. It is seen as a creative outlet and a form of self-expression more than anything.


Allow your creativity to resurface.

Allow your mind to roam, to be colorful, to be what you want

Activate your hands by making and accept your individuality

Focus on your craft.

That is celebrated here.

Though commodification is not.

We are anti-commodification, anti-overconsumption, anti-alienation of the creator and their work.

This is a community of the creators.

The power of each creator is held within their creation.

Each one has beauty and each one shall be celebrated.

Creative freedom is here.

To make what you want and not what the common wants.

No need to think about others’ opinions.

What do YOU want?

What type of creation is liberating for you?

No need to worry about time or money

Nothing is wasted here

Feel the breeze on your skin and the freedom in your mind

Join in the cycle of unWASTEd moments